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Welcome to Yokosuka!

Moving to another location (or PCS-ing) has never been easy for anyone. As a foreigner myself, I fully understand the hassles. This website offers you not only the best properties that already passed the Military Housing Inspection, but also tips and know-hows to support a stress free transition to your life in Yokosuka.



My name is Allison Le. A born and raised Vietnamese, who have been living here for nearly 10 years. 

Before working as a Realtor, I was an MBA Graduate with over 7 years of experience in Marketing and Recruiting industry, both concentrating on supporting foreigners living in Japan.

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My Story

Even though SeaHome is a young established agency, I find myself strongly align with the company's vision and mission. At SeaHome, we never limit at just introducing you to properties. We usually offer you a full package with various services, including:

  • Internet setup and management.

  • Utilities setup and management.

  • Secondhand furnitures and appliances.

  • Translation/ Interpretation services.

In my free time, I love cooking and exploring around. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions such as where to get a good car, where to travel around, where to get good food, good restaurants/ grocery stores around, etc. 

Look forward to meet you soon and truly hope you have a great stay in Yokosuka!


+81 80 9990 9808



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